This is the perfect half day bird watching trip for a group of maximum 06 people (each boat). This tour will bring you to explore the Temmenggor nature reserve .

From RM350 inc. taxes
Duration: 3 hours
Maximum 6 persons


This is an ideal half day tour for the bird watching lovers. You will explore the forest of the Temenggor nature reserve.

Belum Temenggor is an exceptional site for birds; 316 bird species are known so far. During some periods, it is possible to see, all 10 of Malaysia’s magnificent hornbill species. It may be the World’s richest site in terms of species richness and large populations. It is the only existing forest in the World where there are more than 2000 individuals in one congregation that was recorded. Nowhere else  has more hornbill species than in Belum Temenggor. Only the forests of far northern West Malaysia, and possibly contiguous forest in Thailand, hold as many.

Hornbills found in Belum-Temenggor can grow up to about 120 cm. They are essential to the rain forest as a source of life. These large sized birds require immense spaces. They need large trees for nesting and shelter, watering holes and a diverse forest to feed off; without which, the dwindling trend of their population will surely continue.

Birdwatching carried out on a boat, can afford you excellent views of hornbills on their daily migrations to fruiting trees scattered throughout the forest. From the lake, you have the opportunity to see raptors, such as Osprey, Fish-eagles, Falconets and during winter, migratory species such as Honey-buzzards and Accipiters.

There are trails throughout various places surrounding the lake giving you access to the rainforest system estimated to be older than the Amazon or Congo.  Within these trails, you can expect to find some of Malaysia’s prized species such as Trogons, Peacock-pheasants, Paradise-flycatchers and so much more. The speed boat has a shelter. Each boat can accommodate a maximum of 6 people on board. Life jacket is provided.

A local nature guide will be with you.

Meet at the Pulau Banding Public jetty you nature guide and start your cruise.

07:30 Meet your nature guide at the Pulau Banding Public jetty and start the cruise to Temenggor nature reserve.
08:00 Bird watching activities will start around this time, once you have entered Royal Belum territory and passing the checkpoint.
10:30 Return back to the jetty.

We recommend:

  • to have with you suitable shoes and outfit, mosquito repellent, salt or a lighter for the leeches, a raincoat (a disposable one will do), a hat and in the case you plan to bathe, a swimsuit.
  • to bring with you only a small bag with the strictly necessary items. If you have a large baggage please consider to leave it in a luggage storeroom in town or at the hotel you check-out.
  • to bring with you a good telescope.