Ever wondered what’s it like cruising on a boat in the middle of a large lake embracing a thousands years old tropical rainforest in South East Asia? Take a cruise to Temenggor lake on a quality houseboat!

The boat is fully equipped with facilities and trained crew, solely for you and your group. The Deluxe boat have comfortable can accommodate up to 20 persons – making it ideal for your family, group of friends or company members.

During the cruise you will engage in different activities, such as trekking and visit native people!

From RM350 inc. taxes
Duration: 1 day
Maximum 20 persons

This is the perfect houseboat day trip for a group of maximum of 20 people on board.

The cruise starts from Pulau Banding, a small islet located in the middle of Belum and Temenggor forestry area.

The houseboat has a length of 70 meters and a width of 30. Can host up to 20 people (10 twin sharing rooms). Bathrooms to share and bedrooms with air conditioning.

In addition, the houseboat have relaxation areas (both indoor and outdoor), television area, kitchen and the control room. When on board, you will be attended by the crew and a chef to ensure the cruise goes as smoothly as possible and all your needs are catered for. Our chefs will prepare barbecue lunch and serve you a afternoon tea break.

During the cruise you will engage in different activities, such as trekking, visit native people, swimming in a waterfall and enjoy the cruise!

On occasions, you may even spot elephants at dusk (although this is a rare occurrence) or hear gibbon calls. Throughout the whole trip, it is more common to spot large birds, such as eagles or horn bills.

Houseboat will depart from the public jetty in Pulau Banding. You will meet there with the boat captain and crew. After greeting, the houseboat will start the cruise toward Temenggor.

09:00 Meet your crew and start the cruise. A refreshment is served.
10:30 Visit the orang asli village.
12:00 BBQ lunch.
13:30 Start the jungle trekking to Sungai Enam.
15:30 Return back to the houseboat and enjoy the afternoon Tea break.
17:30 Estimate time arrival back to the jetty.

Please have in mind:

  • please be on time on departure; if you delay your departure, the captain may be unable to allow extra hours of cruise the next day as another group may have rented the boat after your cruise ends and by regulations he needs to follow the planned schedule.
  • this houseboat provide a good comfort level which is similar than an hotel on land. There are twin sharing room with air conditioning. The toilets are shared, the showers do not have hot water. You need to bring your own toiletries.
  • although all houseboats comply with safety regulations and have safety jackets, you need to be extra careful while on the boat – no matter how an expert swimmer you are – and you need to be especially vigilant over your children as they may fall into water (do not expect the crew will watch over your kids all the time as they are also busy piloting the boat or prepare your meals).
  • it is forbidden to bring onboard items that are particularly flammable or explosive or anything that may threaten boat stability and safety of other passengers and the crew.
  • smoking is forbidden in the cabins.
  • all of the above activities are subject to weather conditions.

We recommend:

  • to have with you suitable shoes and outfit for the boat (it may be wet and slippery); bring mosquito repellent or your own mosquito net / sleeping bag if you wish. Although the houseboats are sheltered you may want to bring a raincoat for rain and a hat and sunblock to protect yourself from the sun.
  • bring with you only the minimum necessary luggage; the boat cabins are not as spacious as a hotel room; therefore bring only the necessary personal items you will use in the course of the cruise. You may leave the remaining luggage, if any, in Pulau Banding or at the last hotel you checked out from.
  • the boat will cater meals and breakfast as described in the itinerary schedule; alcohol is not served onboard and not recommended to bring; if you want to have extra food snacks or alcohol drinks you should bring by yourself.