Meranti Houseboat

Spend two nights sleeping in Royal Belum state park

Ever wondered what’s it like to sleep on a boat in the middle of a large lake embracing a thousands years of an old tropical rainforest in South East Asia? Take a cruise to Temenggor lake on a typical houseboat!

The boat is fully equipped with facilities and trained crew, solely for you and your group. The Meranti boat have comfortable cabins and can accommodate up to 12 persons – making it ideal for your family, group of friends or company members.

During the cruise you will participate in different activities, such as trekking, visiting natives, swimming in a waterfall and lake, fishing, BBQ under the stars, and even karaoke!

From: RM600

Cruising by Houseboat

Cruise the Temenggor lake by houseboat.

Outdoor & Recreational activities

Trekking in the oldest rainforest in the world, enjoy his waterfalls and have fun with various water activities as swimming or kayaking.

Meals Provided

2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners.

The Meranti houseboat can accommodate a maximum of 12 people – suitable for small group of friends, company trips and families.

This cruise experience will last two (3) days and one (2) nights.

The houseboat can cater a number of activities decided by you! If you are a birdwatcher enthusiast, the captain will adjust the route in areas that are suitable to spot them.

This houseboat can host a maximum of 12 peoples divided in 4 rooms. 2 Twin double – Decker bed (08) and 2 single double – Decker (4). The houseboat in addition to the bedrooms with fan has relaxation areas and 02 common bathroom.

Boats have facilities on board, such as a kitchen, where the staff will prepare barbecue meals or serve you breakfast, and even karaoke, in case you and your friends want to sing before going to sleep in the evening. The boat will halt after sunset and you will spend one night sleeping in the middle of Temenggor lake, entirely surrounded by the pristine forest and a starry sky.

Waking up at the sole sounds of the rain forest, it’s altogether a special experience on its own you don’t want to miss! On some occasions you may even spot elephants at dusk (although this is a rare occurrence) or hear gibbon calls. Through the whole trip, it is more common to spot large birds, such as eagles, sometimes horn bills.



Get the opportunity to see with your eyes one of the World’s oldest rainforests.

Belum Temenggor is likely to be in existence for over 130 million years. It’s , an ecosystem older than both the Amazon and the Congo. This is compatible with the age of the mountain ranges of Malaysia, which appeared through oogenesis at the beginning of the Mesozoic era.

The vegetation of Belum Temenggor has not a majority of dipterocarp (such as Shorea albida in Borneo), but includes lowland dipterocarp, hill and upper dipterocarp as well. The land contains a range of forest types characterizing the Sundaland forests of Peninsular Malaysia. The rainforest hosts many endemic plant species: the Rafflesia azlanii, 46 species of palms (15 endemic), over 30 species of gingers, rare limestone flora and many others. In total, the forest is home to over 3000 species of flowering plants.


Spot a salt licks which are natural mineral deposit where animals in nutrient-poor ecosystems can obtain essential mineral nutrients. These areas are usually covered with all types of animal tracks. The Sambar Deer, the Kijangs, Tapirs, Elephants, wild boars, Seladang and the Malayan Gaur – come down to the licks, usually under the cover of the darkness.

Native people

Visit a Orang Asli Village. The only inhabitants in the forest are the native, the Orang Asli (aboriginals). They live in their traditional way in bamboo huts, hunting small mammals using blowpipes, fishing and gathering plants and honey from the forest. They have been recently participating in the process of monitoring activities to support forest and wildlife conservation action.

Recreational activities

Have fun with our bamboo rafts instead of “modern” kayaks. Normally, you paddle on bamboo rafts while standing on it, a bit like a Venetian gondolier! By night get ready your voice and enjoy our Karaoke video sound system.


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