Highlights of Temenggor

Half day visit to the main areas of Temenggor nature reserve

An half day excursion to get the best parts of Temenggor nature reserve in a single, convenient trip. A similar experience to the full day excursion in Temenggor but made  shorter for those who do not want to want to trek for very long in the forest or are transiting Belum Temenggor area on their way to Penang, Ipoh or Kelantan and have less time in their hands.

Besides cruising the Temenggor lake, many of the full day activities are included also in this itinerary. You will do jungle trekking, have the opportunity to bathe in a waterfall in the midst of a tropical rainforest, take your chances in spotting the Rafflesia flower and visit one village of a local aboriginal people. Packed lunches are included in your tour as well.

From: RM390

Cruising by Boat

Cruise the Temenggor lake by boat.


Trekking in the rainforest, waterfalls, & plains.

Lunch Provided

Packed lunches are included in your tour as well.

The itinerary and schedule of this excursion is similar to Discover the beauty of Temenggor. Tailor to be shorter in time without giving up the quality of your experience in Temenggor. You may consider this trip if you need to get back to Pulau Banding by early afternoon.


The excursion will start in the morning where our nature guide will meet you. Start the tour with a short trekking in an attempt to spot a blooming Rafflesia. The life cycle of the Rafflesia is short therefore we cannot guarantee that you will see it open.

If no blooming we will replace it with the visit to the Elephant trail (known as Salt lick area).

After the first trek, proceed to Kampung Taruk, an Orang Asli (native people) settlement. The natives have different villages located at the edges of the rainforest. They live close to a jetty which is treated as a small trading outpost. You will visit the village and, if you wish so, leave gifts or tokens of appreciation for their hospitality. Monetary donation is not recommended, instead donate useful household item or clothing.

The excursion will make a last stop at *Taruk waterfall. Once you reach the waterfall you can have a swim in the natural pool. As soon as you are finish, you will be taken back to Pulau Banding.


Motorboats used have their top covered, so you won’t get wet or sunburn. Life jackets are provided on board. The boats can accommodate a maximum of 06 people per boat, therefore if your group is a particularly large one, you may have to split in two or more crafts.

Our licensed local nature guide will guide and assist you during the tour. As with the other activities and tours, the guide will speak English and Malay language.

If you are in need of an interpreter you may contact us and we will try our best to accommodate your requests and needs.


Experience Flora & Fauna

You may have chances to spot the famous Rafflesia flower. The Rafflesia is one of the biggest flowers in the World and a plant with very peculiar characteristics and life cycle. They follow irregular patterns. Therefore, it’s hard to predict when there are bigger chances to see the flowers open and fresh. However, it certainly won’t be the only natural attraction you will get to see on your path. So prepare to be amazed by the richness and diversity of the rain forest and its enormous various plant and flower species.

Belum Temenggor is likely to be in existence for over 130 million years. It’s an ecosystem older than both the Amazon and the Congo. This is compatible with the age of the mountain ranges of Malaysia, which appeared through oogenesis at the beginning of the Mesozoic era.

Orang Asli Village

The Orang Asli groups of Belum Temenggor live of hunting, fishing, gathering herbs and other natural resources. Then, they trade with the outside for items and goods they need in their communities. If you wish so, as a sign of appreciation for their hospitality and visiting their village, you can offer a present in the form of useful household items, food or clothing.


Enjoy the waterfall (Please read our notes).  Once you reach the waterfall, you can rest by the area, relax in this unique place surrounded by the silence and beauty of the rain forest. You can take a bath in the natural pool if you wish so, and then take your packed lunch here. After that, you will return back to Pulau Banding.


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