Chase the Toman in Royal Belum

Join a fishing expedition in search of the perfect catch of the giant snakehead

Experience the thrill of chasing giant snakehead fishes in one of the most beautiful settings that Malaysia has to offer to worldwide anglers!

The Royal Belum state park is a very attractive fishing destination for beginners and die hard anglers to pit their skills. Upper Belum is known for its very rich population of several aquatic species and the very limited human activities in the area of the state park can deliver great possibilities of huge catches! The largest fish for which the entire area is most famous for is the giant snakehead, locally known as “toman”. The largest specimen can weigh up to 20 kilograms, truly a “fishzilla”.

Treat yourself with a very private and exclusive fishing trip in Belum and explore the beauty of one of the World’s oldest rainforests growing on top of an amazing lake!

From: RM600

Cruising by Boat

Cruise the Temenggor lake by boat.

Live bait provided

Live bait is included on your fishing experience at Tasik Temenggor.

Lunch Provided

Packed lunches are included in your tour as well.


The area of Belum Temenggor is a famous angler fishing destination by both locals and foreigners. They travel great distances to experience the thrill of chasing Toman fishes.

The Toman fish also known as Giant snakehead fish, can weight around 10-15 kg maximum. National Geographic has already referred to snakeheads as “Fishzilla”.

Although Belum Temenggor is a single and contiguous eco-system, the administration of the two areas are different. The northern territory, which is mostly under Royal Belum state park administration, is subject to more regulations and has significantly less tourism. Therefore, the fishing experience is different. As a result, the population of aquatic species is much denser in this area with higher possibilities of catching large fishes during daytime. Hence why we recommend this area over southern Temenggor, if you want to treat yourself with great, rewarding fishing adventure.

During this fishing trip, you will have the unique opportunity to cruise by the streams that enclose the amazing tropical rainforest of Belum. You will be accompanied throughout the trip by friendly local boat crew, who is as well, seasoned anglers. They are really passionate about fishing and very knowledgeable of the area. They will gladly share with you fishing tips and techniques – chances for catching toman fishes. It is enhanced by a mixture of experience but also dexterity. Indeed, you need some quick thinking to launch your hook in the area where you spotted the toman to get its attention fast.

Since you’re in Belum Temenggor, it is certainly a good opportunity not to miss to wander a bit in the beauty of its rainforest. When you’ll be halfway through your day, your boat will dock nearby a trail. You will go for a short hike that will lead you to some waterfalls. Here you can have a swim and then enjoy your packed meals. After lunch time you, will leave the woods and resume your fishing activity. The afternoon fishing session will end before the sun goes down (it may be risky to be on water at night, there’s no public lighting whatsoever for miles) and you will head back to Pulau Banding by 18.00 (6 pm).

This is a very private experience catered for you and your group. We don’t recommend this experience for groups larger than 12 people. If your group is larger, we’d recommend to book a houseboat instead or contact us. We will automatically assign one boat to each three (3) people in your booking. For safety reasons (and comfort of course), we won’t allow more than 3 people per boat. The cost of the boats (in the ratio of 1 boat each 3 people) is already in the total price. However, you can book extra boats if you want to allow more space, at an additional cost. Extra boats are subject to availability – if there are not enough additional boats, we will try to notify you as soon as possible and refund you the cost of this option.


Please be on time at the jetty of Pulau Banding public jetty (not later than 7.30 am). The boats used for our fishing trips are stable fiberglass fishing boats, powered by 40 hp outboard engine. They are good, spacious and comfortable fishing platforms with plenty of space for tackle, bait and launch. As fishing boats there are no shelter. It may get particularly wet if it rains. It’s not a rare occurrence, since the best fishing season is during wet months) and particularly hot in sunny days. You should bring along a raincoat, hat and sun protection to avoid sunburn. The boat crew will direct the boat under the shadow of the surrounding rainforest when the sun is too hot. Indeed, when the sun is high, a hike is scheduled in the woods.


Temenggor lake

Get the opportunity to catch one of the 23 species of freshwater fish.

This includes: Toman, Sebarau, Tenggalan, Baung and even the famous Kelah, providing ample challenge to fishing. This makes Temenggor Lake a very attractive fishing destination for beginners as well as die hard anglers to pit their skills.


The Toman fish also known as Giant snake head fish, can weight around 10 / 15 kg maximum. National Geographic has already referred to snakeheads as “Fishzilla”.


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