X-Treme Trek

Extreme trekking in Royal Belum State Park

The perfect full day excursion for those who wish to trek, hike and explore the Royal Belum state park in a single day.

NOTES: This tour is suitable for individuals with a good fitness level, above the age of 18.

The Royal Belum is the upper part of the Belum-Temenggor rainforest complex which can be reached by boat from Pulau Banding, the starting point of your trip. The upper Belum is a more of a wild area than the lower part of Temenggor, since access and human activities are more regulated there.

From: RM465

Private nature guide

You will be guiding by a private nature guide.

Extreme Trekking

Trek for approximately 5 kilometers. The trek involves hiking, river crossing and rock trailing.

Lunch Provided

Packed lunches are included in your tour as well.

X-Treme Trek is for sports lovers. Indeed, this full day contains mainly trekking. The aim is for you to enjoy the nature that will surround you while hiking through one of the oldest forest in the world.

The trek is 6 kilometers long and lasts 4 to 5 hours. So that gives you plenty of time to enjoy the jungle. The trek involves hiking, river crossing and rock trailing. This is the occasion to discover, more than the usual, the rain forest. It holds many assets such as its fauna and flora. Indeed there are endemic species that you may see along your journey throughout the vegetation.

NOTES: This trekking excursion is suitable for individuals with a good fitness level, above the age of 18.

To get into Royal Belum you will need valid entry permits. We can take care of the permits and their costs are included in the price of this day trip but it’s necessary that you submit your passport or IC details (if Malaysian citizen) at least two (2) weeks in advance. Failure in doing so may risk having your booking forfeited as per our policies.

Once arrived in Belum, rest assured that there will be no formalities or bureaucracy. Your motorboat will only stop at a checkpoint at the beginning of the journey. It takes only few minutes to clear the entrance. It is only on occasions that authorities perform checks on incoming tourists. But, it’s a very rare eventuality and won’t cause any inconvenience to your staying in the forest.


Experience Flora & Fauna

Get to know more about the extraordinary flora & fauna. 

Belum Temenggor is likely to be in existence for over 130 million years. It’s an ecosystem older than both the Amazon and the Congo. This is compatible with the age of the mountain ranges of Malaysia, which appeared through oogenesis at the beginning of the Mesozoic era.


Get the opportunity to trek in the World’s oldest rainforests


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