Education Trek

A half day education visit to Temenggor nature reserve

Education Trek is a half day trip that will brief you about Conservation and monitoring project involving in Belum Temenggor. An ideal tour for student, family with kids or anyone else interested to know about conservation in Belum-Temenggor area.

The Temenggor nature reserve is located at the lower part of Belum-Temenggor forest complex. Although the rainforest is a single, contiguous ecosystem and there’s no biological difference between the upper Belum and the lower Temenggor, the areas are regulated differently. For visiting Temenggor you won’t need an entry permits.

Included in this experience are: cruising the Temenggor lake by boat and trekking into its rain forest.

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Learn about conservation & education projects.


Trekking in the oldest rainforest in the world.

Nature Organizations

Get to know about WWF, Malaysian Nature Society and more.

Education Trek is a half day trip that brief you about Conservation and monitoring project.

An ideal tour for student, children or anyone else interested to know about conservation & education project involving in Belum Temenggor.

Conservation & education in Belum Temenggor forest complex

Among the organizations, institutions and societies working in Belum Temenggor area there are:

The excursion will start in the morning at Pulau Banding public jetty, where your local nature guide will be waiting for you. You’ll proceed by boat over lake Temenggor. During the boat ride you could spot birds and occasionally mammals.

Once you arrive at the trekking trail the guide will brief you about the different NGOs involved in Belum Temenggor like WWF, MEME and MNS. You could find and record the presence of animal, such as pug marks, scratch marks, calls, scats and or hairs. Signs of species such as Asian elephants, cats, dhole, sun bear, Malayan tapir and gaur are commonly found. You will also be able to learn how to set-up camera traps.

If sign of poachers are found we record the location and inform the relevant official departments like Perhilitan, (Malaysian Wildlife department) and the wildlife crime hotline. Back to the jetty in the early afternoon around 12:30 pm.

The motor boats used in this trip have their top covered, so you won’t get wet in case of rain and you won’t get sunburn during sunny days. Life jackets are provided on board, of course. The boats can accommodate a maximum of 08 people per boat, therefore if your group is particularly a large one, you may have to split in two or more crafts. As with the other activities and tours, the guide will speak in English or Malay.

Educational Highlights

Trekking Sensors & Camera Traps

Learn about the technology deployed in this area and how it helps protect, conserve, and extend the livelihood of nature in the area. You will also be able to learn how to set-up camera traps.

Management & Ecology of Malaysian Elephats

Management and Ecology of Malaysian Elephants (MEME) is a research project that thrives to develop a science-based conservation of elephants in Malaysia. Learn how their efforts help conserve elephants in the area.

World Wildlife Federation (Malaysia)

At WWF-Malaysia, they aim to increase the coverage of forest protected areas, improve the management of production forests for the supply of sustainable timber, and restore degraded areas especially where there is need to maintain critical forest linkages. Learn more about how their programs affect the area.

Malaysian Nature Society

Pioneering conservation in Malaysia for the last eight decades, making a difference through habitat conservation and environmental education. Through the joint efforts of their members, partners and supporters, MNS has become a strong voice for the protection of Malaysia’s natural heritage. They will continue presenting our stand by promoting and ensuring responsible environmental stewardship in this country. Learn about their efforts during this Educational trek.


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