This package experience will last three (3) days and two (2) nights.

It is included:

  • Two night stay at Belum Rainforest resort. This resort is one of Malaysia’s premier ecotourism holiday destinations. Set in the midst of a tropical paradise, Pulau Banding, the Belum Rainforest Resort, is everything nature-lovers and holiday-goers expect in a getaway destination: complete relaxation and serenity, stunning views and surroundings, adventure, and the chance to get close to nature.
  • 5 meals plan (Two dinners, two breakfasts and one packed lunch).
  • A full day nature trip Explore the Royal Belum state park.
  • Park entry and camera permit are included.

The package is sold for a minimum of 2 adults.


Enjoy a nature day with trekking & waterfall

Get the opportunity to trek in the World’s oldest rainforests, enjoy the waterfalls and get to know more about the extraordinary flora. 

Belum Temenggor is likely to be in existence for over 130 million years. It’s an ecosystem older than both the Amazon and the Congo. This is compatible with the age of the mountain ranges of Malaysia, which appeared through oogenesis at the beginning of the Mesozoic era.

Experience Flora & Fauna

You may have chances to spot the famous Rafflesia flower. The Rafflesia is one of the biggest flowers in the World and a plant with very peculiar characteristics and life cycle. They follow irregular patterns. Therefore, it’s hard to predict when there are bigger chances to see the flowers open and fresh. However, it certainly won’t be the only natural attraction you will get to see on your path. So prepare to be amazed by the richness and diversity of the rain forest and its enormous various plant and flower species.

Get close to the Orang Asli the only inhabitant of the park

Visit Orang Asli Village. The only inhabitants in the forest are the native, the Orang Asli (aboriginals). They live in their traditional way in bamboo huts, hunting small mammals using blowpipes, fishing and gathering plants and honey from the forest. They have been recently participating in the process of monitoring activities to support forest and wildlife conservation action.

Get know why salt licks are important for animals

Get know more about salt licks area. This is the  location where animals gather – mostly elephants (Gajah means elephant in Malay language). These are natural dry mineral deposits that play an important role in the diet of many animal species. Especially for the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus). You will trek along the pachyderms trail and learn more on their habitat and life. Spotting elephants is definitely possible in Belum Temenggor. Bu,t it is a rare event as these animals are shy and will try to stay away from human crowds. In the remote eventuality of an encounter, you will have to follow strictly the nature guide’s instructions and remain quiet.

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