Frequently Asked Questions on Belum Temenggor forest reserve

In this page you can find some answers to some of the most common questions asked about Belum Temenggor.

Belum Temenggor from Tasik Temenggor
Belum Temenggor from Tasik Temenggor

> How to reach Belum Temenggor?

You can reach Belum Temenggor by following these directions.

> Which is the best season to visit Belum Temenggor?

You can visit Belum Temenggor all the year round. You can read more about what’s to see in Belum Temenggor during each month.

> What I can do in Belum Temenggor?

There are plenty of activities in the forest reserve for outdoors and nature loving people: trek into a pristine rainforest, animal wildlife spotting at salt licks, bird watching, spot exotic and rare plants, such as the Rafflesia, camp overnight in the jungle, visit orang asli settlements, swim at waterfalls, try some bamboo rafting or kayaking, fishing. And much more! You can book one itinerary in Belum Temenggor with some of the activities listed or contact us for any custom arrangement.

> Is it suitable to children?

Yes you can bring kids to Belum Temenggor. However, depends on their age and on which activities you will do. Some treks into the jungle can last a few hours up to entire days and although some trails are safe, some can be though, and you might find yourself carrying your child, which is not advisable. Most of the simple treks are suitable to kids aged 10 and above who can swim. There are some experiences in Belum, such as boat cruises or simple boat rides who are suitable to kids of all ages – although you will have to be careful that they don’t fall in the water. It is not suitable to infants and toddlers. Overall, though, it’s a great learning and life experience in nature for young ones.

> Are there leeches in the forest reserve?

Yes, there are; during wet months there can be many, especially if you trek deeper in the jungle away from the shores of the lake. However, leeches are not dangerous. Unless you wear proper pants, socks and footwear meant to prevent leeches from climbing up your legs, it’s recommended to wear shorts in order to see them and remove them. You can remove leeches with your hands, a pinch of salt, fire from a lighter or smoke.

> Can I easily spot wild animals in the forest reserve?

Yes and no, depends on your luck but also on your itinerary and your skills and those of your guide. The forest reserve is not a zoo of course and all the animals roam free in the wilderness. Many of them are shy or will hide if they hear noises, some of them are mostly active at night. Sightings of tigers are extremely rare. Elephants can be seen sometimes. Small mammals, insects and reptiles mimetize well in the vegetation. For birds, you’ll have to be patient standing on a bird watching observation point and perhaps be in the right season in Belum.

> I have a question, how to contact Belum Temenggor?

You can use the contact form.