The perfect full day excursion for those who wish to wander and explore the Royal Belum state park in a single day.

The Royal Belum is the upper part of the Belum-Temenggor rainforest complex which can be reached by boat from Pulau Banding, the starting point of your trip. The upper Belum is a more wild area than the lower part of Temenggor, since access and human activities are more regulated there.

Included in this experience are: cruising the Temenggor lake by boat, trek into its rainforest, spot Rafflesia flowers, learn about the endemic wildlife, visit an aboriginal people village and bathe in waterfalls. Packed lunches are included in your tour as well.

From RM360 inc. taxes
Duration: 7 hours
Maximum 10 persons

You will start at Pulau Banding jetty (the islet in the middle of Belum Temenggor which is the main point of entrance to the state park). Here you will meet with your personally assigned local nature guide, a friendly, skilled and licensed professional that will lead you and your group in your trekking tour of Belum. The guide will speak English and Malay language. If you are in need of an interpreter you may contact us and we will try our best to accommodate your requests and needs.

From Pulau Banding, you will enter Royal Belum state park by boat and reach a deeper part of the rainforest by trekking. You will follow the Sungai Kooi trail and pass nearby the stunning Kooi waterfall. You’ll have to climb a bit but it’s not a heavy trail. Once you are arrived at the upper part of the small elevation your group will try to look for specimen of blooming Rafflesia flowers. This flower endemic of rainforests of Malaysia is one of the largest ever and can be seen in Belum and few other places only. The life cycle of the plant doesn’t allow to predict if the flower are blooming but getting into the rainforest and stopping by the waterfalls is worth the trekking by its own.

After the Sungai Kooi trail, you’ll get back to your motor boat and proceed to a salt lick area at Sungai Papan. The type of soil of such areas hold natural mineral deposits and play an important role in the diet of many animal species, especially Asian elephants (Elephas maximus). You’ll learn more about the wildlife of Belum while trekking along the elephants trail. Although there are plenty in the wild, it’s very uncommon to spot wild elephants since this species is shy of human groups. In the rare eventuality that you and your group encounter elephants, please be quiet and strictly follow the nature guide instructions to get back to your motor boat to safety.

After the visit to the salt lick you will proceed to an orang asli village, Kampung Aman Dama. The settlement is only accessible by water and the natives that live there do not get as many visits as the clans that live in the southern part of the forest complex in lower Temenggor. In return of their hospitality, if it’s your wish, you can leave gifts or presents to the village in the form of household items or clothing. While at the village, you can interact with the locals (who do not speak English) and learn more about their community.

The last place of your excursion will be at Air Terjun waterfall (located along Sungai Ruok). You will reach the area by boat first and then a short trek later. Once arrived at the waterfall you can have a swim there and take your packed meal before returning to Pulau Banding, where your trip will finally end.

The motor boats used in this trip have their top covered, so you won’t get wet in case of rain and you won’t get sunburn during sunny days. Boats adhere to authorities regulations and life jackets are provided on board, of course. The boats can accommodate a maximum of 10 people per boat, therefore if your group is a particularly large one, you may have to split in two or more crafts.

To get into Royal Belum you will need valid entry permits. We can take care of the permits and their costs are included in the price of this day trip but it’s necessary that you submit your passport or IC details (if Malaysian citizen) at least two (2) weeks in advance. Failure in doing so may risk having your booking forfeited as per our policies. Once arrived in Belum, rest assured that there will be no formalities or bureaucracy; your motorboat will only stop at a checkpoint at the beginning of the journey but it takes only few minutes to clear entrance. It is only very occasionally that authorities perform checks on incoming tourists but it’s a very rare eventuality and won’t cause any inconvenience to your staying in the forest.

Journey starts in Pulau Banding, please be punctual.

09:30 Meet your personal nature guide at Pulau Banding jetty and start the cruise on Temenggor lake, directing yourselves to Royal Belum conservation area.
10:30 Enter the rainforest by land and do a short trekking in search of the Rafflesia flower along Sungai Kooi trail.
12:00 Follow the elephants' trail at Sungai Papan salt lick area.
13:30 Stop at Kampung Aman Dama and visit a native village of Orang Asli.
15:00 Continue your trekking from Sungai Ruok to Air Terjun waterfall. You can bathe at the waterfalls and relax by the area surrounded by tall trees and quiet vegetation.
16:30 Estimated time to be back at the jetty in Pulau Banding.

We recommend:

  • to have with you suitable shoes and outfit for outdoors; mosquito/insect repellent, salt or a lighter for leeches (although they’re easy to remove with just your hands); bring a raincoat (a disposable one will do), a hat and, in case you plan to bathe in the waterfall, swimwear.
  • to bring with you only a small bag with the strictly necessary items for the excursion. If you have a large baggage please consider to leave it in a luggage storeroom in town or at the hotel/resort where you stay (most will be kind enough to keep your luggage even after you have checked out).
  • if you wish, may bring something to donate to Orang Asli Village (useful gift is really appreciate, kindly avoid candy and sweets for the children)
  • to book this tour at least two (2) weeks in advance since is required a entry permit, camera and rod permit from the state park management