A unique destination for team bonding activities and survivalist challenges

Team Building in Belum Temenggor

Among Earth’s quietest corners

Belum Temenggor is a unique place on Earth because of its ecosystem, the animal, avian and aquatic wildlife and vegetation it hosts, but also its location. Located in North Perak and extending from the Thai border, it lies just in the middle of the Malay Peninsula. To West it borders Penang and to East Kelantan, finding itself enclosed in an area that is scarcely inhabited humans and having been largely untouched by human activities since the dawn of the Planet. In modern history, the only major developments have been the Temenggor dam – that ended up forming the eponymous lake, which added more beauty and biological diversity to the site – and the East-West highway, a road that connects the two shores of the Peninsula – which however was built during the Malayan Emergency years and has not seen the development of dense urban areas along its path.

These circumstances and characteristics contributed to shape the rainforest atmosphere, which can be fully understood only when visiting Belum Temenggor. People who visit are immediately captured by its rainforest beauty and uniqueness, by the calm and placid atmosphere that imbues it. Besides nature lovers and trekking enthusiast, It’s a destination popular among bird-watchers or fish anglers; and of course it’s also a place for scientific research.

Belum Temengor from the sky
Pulau Banding


It’s also an excellent destination to plan your eco team building activities and survivalist challenges. There are key aspects of Belum Temenggor conditions, its geology and history that make it very suitable for this purpose like few other in the Country. To mention the most significant ones:

  • The rainforest complex of Belum Temengor itself has been always proven a challenge for the humans that settled there. The orang asli people which still live there, make for a very good example on how groups had to cooperate to work efficiently developing skills that treasured the gifts of the rainforest without destroying it. The orang asli groups that inhabit Belum Temenggor face every day challenges from the forest, using knowledge gathered from nature itself.
  • Most part of Belum Temenggor has no landline, no mobile phone connectivity, no internet, no electricity, no tap water, no heating system, mostly uninhabited (while remaining safe thanks to park rangers and army presence). There are fewer and fewer places on Earth, let alone Malaysia, where one could be completely disconnected and face situations that are very unlikely in heavily urbanized societies like ours.
  • It’s not a coincidence that Belum Temengor is also a place where Malaysian army trains its troops. Historically this was a frontline during the Malayan Emergency, a period of confrontation between the Malaysian state and communist insurgents that initiated guerrilla warfare after the end of World War 2. During the last stages of the conflict, the insurgents forces were hiding in Belum rainforest.

Team building activities carried out in Belum Temengor may benefit from all of the above and can take place in a truly beautiful and exclusive setting. Not only a good location to improve a team skills and cooperation, but also a way for the whole team to get back in touch with nature and essential living. Nature is an endless treasure chest of wonders, but also a great teacher of respect, forgiveness and balance – values that are progressively disappearing in city areas and a society that puts too much pressure on the achievements of the individual only.

Organize your team building event

Unlike other activities, tours and experiences that can be booked straight from this website, team building events or survival camps should be planned and tailored accordingly to the guest organization and its purposes. These activities are suitable for corporate entities, schools, sports teams, religious or non-profit organizations. If your organization plans to have a team building activity or survival camp in Belum Temenggor please contact us describing your plans and needs.

There is plenty of subjects that can be covered by a well organized team building event, depending on how long you want it to be and the number of people attending. Among the most suitable or the most commong that have been held in Belum Temenggor are: motivational camps, studies and research programs, survival camps, sport activities including kayaking, rafting, fishing, hiking; bird-watching and photo-shooting.